PSS is proud to honor

To thank those who made a difference in the lives of PSS clients and their families

Laura Syzdek

Laura has been an integral part of Project Self-Sufficiency since 2005, when she began coordinating the pantry and client childcare. Two years later, she was hired by the City of Huntington Beach as part time administrative assistant for PSS. She served on the PSS Foundation since 2010 as Secretary and ultimately Chair for three years. Laura retired as a member of PSS Board of Directors at the end of 2018 but she continues to support our clients through her work with community partners, including the Assistance League of Huntington Beach and the Soroptimist of Huntington Beach. PSS cherishes all the years and hard work that Laura has given of herself to help its worthy single-parent students achieve success.

Lift Foundation

PSS is grateful to the philanthropic organization LIFT Foundation for its generosity.  The LIFT Foundation is a group of like-minded people dedicated to ending the cycle of poverty in Orange County.  They are a network that pools their resources and focuses on concentrated giving for high impact results.  The LIFT Foundation has supported PSS for several years and provided funds for scholarships, housing assistance, and childcare assistance.  At the 2018 Holiday Party, the LIFT Foundation gave out around 40 bicycles to the children of PSS clients.

Melinda Hoag Smith Center for Healthy Living

PSS is proud to be located full-time within the Melinda Hoag Smith Center for Heathy Living.  The Center functions as a one-stop-shop for health and social services through co-location and collaboration with partner agencies.  The Center allows providers to take an integrated, holistic approach to community services addressing everything from health care to legal services, to mental health and spiritual support.  There are currently over 25 nonprofit partner agencies providing services at the Center.

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